G&P's Senior Management Team

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Guy Gabaldon, Jr., LCAM/Owner

Guy Gabaldon, Jr. has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in accounting. He was a corporate and international lending officer for twenty three years for several banks, including Citibank and SunTrust Bank. In 1998, he started his own small business accounting practice and eventually accepted a full time position with a mid-sized community association management company. He was the chief financial officer of that company for over five years. His responsibilities included the oversight of all banking relations and financial reporting for over 50 associations. Guy is a Florida licensed Community Association Manager

Raquel Piron, LCAM/Owner

Raquel Piron began working in the accounting department of a mid-sized community association management company twelve years ago. For a total of five years, she managed the accounting department and served as the company’s legal liaison. Raquel has developed a high level of expertise in association accounting and has established relations with many of the attorneys in central Florida who specialize in community association matters. She understands the collection process and is able to assist the boards of directors with this important facet of their responsibilities. Raquel is a Florida licensed Community Association Manager.

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