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Customer Service

G&P Management interacts directly with the homeowners of the Associations to assist and answer questions pertaining to their accounts. G&P also works very closely with the Board of Directors in all matters related to the Association. The extensive experience and high quality customer service offered by G&P's staff as well as being a bi-lingual firm, separates G&P Management’s superior service offerings from other management companies.

What We Do

Our homeowners association management services are designed to comply with the ever-changing rules and regulations that apply to HOA, Condo and Townhome management in Orlando Florida. Our licensed managers constantly upgrade their knowledge by attending courses, seminars and workshops and by working closely with attorneys, CPA’s, bankers and other professionals specialized in community associations.

HOA / Condominium / Townhome Management Orlando Florida

  • Coordinate and attend Board of Directors and Annual Meetings - G&P Management schedules Board of Directors and Annual meetings in accordance with Association documents and in coordination with the Board. G&P also prepares Board Meeting notices, agendas, minutes and monthly management reports.
  • Prepare Violation Letters - G&P Management prepares and monitors violation letters at the request of the Associations' Board of Directors to assist with maintenance of Community Covenants
  • Process ARB Requests - G&P Management receives homeowners' requests for architectural improvements and refers them to the Associations' Architectural Review Board for approval/denial. Negotiate and monitor Association insurance.
  • Handle Correspondence - G&P Management receives and handles all correspondence addressed to the Association.
  • General Announcements - G&P Management prepares and distributes all general announcements in the communtiy.
  • Enforce Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions - G&P Management assists the Board of Directors to enforce the Association's Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions to preserve and enhance the value of the properties in the community.

Financial Services

  • Collect Assessments -G&P Management provides bank coupons to homeowners for payment of their assessments to a Bank lockbox. The bank processes these payments and deposits them directly into the Associations’ bank account.
  • Manage Bank Accounts -G&P manages the Associations' bank accounts. Bank accounts are established for each Association in accordance with Florida state regulations pertaining to Homeowners and Condominium Associations.
  • Maintain Homeowners Ledgers -G&P Management maintains a separate ledger for each homeowner in the Associations it manages. The ledgers maintain a history of charges and payments for each account.
  • Vendor Payments -G&P Management receives invoices from vendors and makes payment in accordance with Associations’ contracts and procedures.
  • Prepare Monthly Financial Statements -G&P Management uses “Quickbooks® 2017 Accountant Edition” to record all Association transactions and prepares monthly financial statements in accordance with Florida state statutes and Association covenants. These financial statements include Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Bank Registers, Bank Reconciliation, Past Due Accounts, Prepaid Assessments and General Ledger Report.
  • Assist with Budget Preparation -G&P Management prepares budget worksheets and assists with analysis of current economic conditions and issues that will affect the upcoming year’s budget.


  • Past Due Reminders - G&P Management sends reminders and past due notices to homeowners in accordance with each Association’s covenants.
  • Legal Liaison - G&P Management refers past due accounts to attorneys in accordance with Associations’ requirements. G&P monitors these accounts and makes recommendations to the Associations for placement of liens and foreclosures. G&P works closely with Associations’ attorneys throughout this process.
  • Registered Agent - G&P Management acts as Registered Agent for the Associations it manages. This allows us to receive timely notices of legal actions such as foreclosures, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and warranty deeds (new owners).

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